St. Mary’s County Historical Society

General Meeting and Spring Dinner

The Annual Spring General Meeting and Dinner will be held on May 10th starting at 6:00pm at the
Olde Breton Innon Society Hill Rd.

Our theme this year is "Ordinaries and Taverns" - a look back to a time when neighbors and townsfolk would
gather at neighborhood spots to share news, gossip, and come together. The speaker will be Silas Hurry and,
as always,Historical Society members and guests are invited to search their memories and share their stories
of Ordinaries and Taverns of yesterday.

If you haven't yet received your invitation by mail, or just want more information, please contact us at
or call us at 301.475.2467


Welcome to the St. Mary's County Historical Society
 Headquartered in historic Tudor Hall 
41680 Tudor Place
Leonardtown, MD 20650
Tudor Hall. Home of the SMCHS
Tudor Hall
 Home of the St. Mary's County Historical Society
A fine example of Georgian architecture,Tudor Hall is an 18th century manor house and the oldest building in Leonardtown. Built by the Barnes family, Abraham and his son, Richard, were both active in the American Revolution. The name Tudor Hall was given by its 19th century owner, Henry G.S. Key, a cousin of Francis Scott Key the composer of the US National Anthem.
Hours of Operation
Business Office, Bookstore, and Tours
Wednesday through Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Research Center
Thursday and Friday 11:00 am to 4:00 pm 
 2nd and 4th Saturday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

41625 Court House Drive 
Leonardtown, MD 20650
The Old Jail
Museum and Visitor Information Center
Built in 1876 and in continual use until 1945, the granite block and brick structure retains its original upstairs cells where prisoners were once segregated by gender and race. The jail keeper's quarters downstairs house artifacts that relate to the history of Saint Mary's County. A cannon from the Ark, one of two ships that brought the first colonists to Maryland, and later used to defend St. Mary's City, is displayed on the grounds. The museum also serves as a County Visitor Information Center.
Hours of Operation
Thursday and Friday 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Subject to availability. Call 301-475-2467 for further information


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St. Mary's County has been making history since the Ark and Dove arrived here from England in March 1634. Maryland was the 4th successful English colony in what was to become the United States and St Mary's is known as Maryland's Mother County.  The St. Mary's County Historical Society, established in 1951, holds the County's most extensive records of its history - its people and the places they lived and worked.
St. Mary's County is truly a special place to visit and to live. Its people, beautiful landscape, stunning waterways, and rich history that influenced the birth not only of Maryland but the United States. Exploring that history connects you to those who have gone before -- to their idealism, their courage, their struggles, and their successes.
Whether you are a visitor, a new member of our community, or can trace your roots back to the Ark and Dove, the people and history of St Mary's has touched you. As a member of the St Mary's County Historical Society, you can connect to those people and that rich history.  History matters because of the people that made it. 
Learn more about St Mary's County. Join and explore its people and history!  

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