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Military Records

Revolutionary War

The majority of Revolutionary War military records burned in the courthouse fire of 1831.


War of 1812

The majority of the War of 1812 military records burned in the courthouse fire of 1831


Civil War

  • In The War Between The States - 4-Part series in the Enterprise published in March and April of 1978.  Presents research done by Edwin Beitzell on the men from St. Mary's County who served during the Civil War.  Lists for both whites and blacks who served in the Union and Confederacy.  Mr. Beitzell had prepared this information as a manuscript for an unpublished book.  This is the only known comprehensive lists of St. Mary's County Civil War soldiers.  
  • Prisoner lists for Point Lookout Prison Camp for Confederates are available on microfilm.  They are also available online at Family Search.  Images of 429 volumes of Confederate Prisoners of War records, including Point Lookout.  (Free, but account required)
  • Graven in Stone and Buried under the Shield: A Guide to Gravestones of Maryland’s Civil War Veterans
  • John Wilkes Booth Escape Route - 17-page map and guide detailing the 90-mile driving tour that follows the route taken by John Wilkes Booth as he attempted escape following the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln in April 1865.