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Family Histories


In our Research Library are 19 file cabinets containing files on 1,135 families in St. Mary's County.  These files contain family histories contributed by family members, newspaper clippings, articles and family genealogies.  You can view a list of the families available for study HERE.

We have begun the process of scanning the papers contained in the family files. The records can be found in our document library (link below). 

First, if the folders are not visible, click on "Expand All +".  Look  under "Family Files", then select the letter corresponding to the last name.  In that folder will be each PDF file for names beginning with that letter.  Some of the files are extremely large - 100's of pages. 

A search can be done within a file by typing "CTRL-F" and entering a search term.  Keep in mind however, the search will only return results on pages that are type-written and clean.  Handwritten pages and pages that are noisy (lots of non-white background), or have very light lettering will not return search results.  

Pages in the files are not necessarily in any particular order, although sometimes obituaries or family trees may be grouped together.  It will be best to perform a thorough visual search of each page to ensure you don't miss anything.

Document Library

Archived (but still useful) Websites


In this section are links to various websites that contain material connected to St. Mary's County.  Some are no-longer-maintained websites that we have archived with permission from the families.  

St. Mary's Families - A website created by Linda Reno Davis and maintained through 2006.  Mrs. Reno was a student of St. Mary's County history and was the author of The Maryland 400 in the Battle of Long Island 1776, and St. Mary's County in the Images of America series.  Mrs. Reno also wrote hundreds of weekly articles for the County Times.  This no-longer-maintained website contains a wealth of information on land genealogy, the Maryland to Kentucky Migration Project, the 1705 map project, St. Mary's County will abstracts, St. Mary's County marriages, and the St. Nicolas RCC cemetery at NAS Patuxent River.  There are also 18 articles she wrote about various topics in the county's history.  

Sothoron and Related Families - a Genealogical Pursuit - The Sothoron family had a branch in St. Mary's county in the 18th and 19th century and owned the land in what is now Golden Beach (see the Places section)