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History of Election & Federal Census Districts
History of Election & Federal Census Districts
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At some point in researching the genealogy of family members in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, you will look at census data, birth, marriage, death, obituaries and other records. These records typically show the general location of family members by election districts - which are often identical to the Federal Census Enumeration Districts (CED) of St. Mary’s County. However, the boundaries, numbering, name, and location of these districts vary historically over time.

The purpose of this publication is to trace the development of the general election districts in St. Mary’s County from their first formation in 1798 after the Revolutionary War, to their final configuration (which was established in 1902). The location of census enumeration districts associated with the federal population censuses taken at 10-year intervals from 1790 to 1930 are also included for reference.

In addition to the written description of the districts and their boundaries from various County, State, and Federal sources, maps have been created for this publication to illustrate their historical development. In reality, twelve detailed maps are the heart of this document with the text acting in a supporting role. The background image used for the election district maps is the 2002 General Highway Map developed by the Maryland Department of Transportation, State Highway Administration, for St. Mary’s County. The historic election district boundaries superimposed on a modern map of the County will enable the reader to locate the general area where ancestors may have lived. 

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